Oscar Hairstyles Of 2013

March 1st, 2013

The 85th annual was full of diverse hair trends. Voluminous hairstyles once again ruled the red carpet. The looks of high sleek buns were definitely the most sought after style. Other highly favoured do’s included, soft retro waves and alluring and glamorous updo’s. This Oscar night was one of the most memorable evenings ever!

Charliez Theron was breathtaking with her short blonde pixie cut. Anne Hathaway dazzled with
her short and sweet brunette cropped cut. Halle Berry rocked with her textured short hair, looking as stunning as ever. Simple cascading waves framed Catherine Zeta Jones face perfectly. Reese Witherspoon’s classic waves oozed old school Hollywood and Zoe Saldana looked flirty and fun with her soft curly brown locks.

The updo’s of the night were sensational and gorgeous. Amy Adams’ low chignon was simple and
fabulous. Jennifer Lawrence’s tousled bun gave a gorgeous ballerina feel to her Oscar look. Let’s not
forget the beautiful and elegant, sleek high buns worn by Kelly Rowland, Salma Hayek and Kristin
Chenoweth, which added a sophisticated and romantic twist.

All and all, this year’s Oscar night was remarkable and unforgettable and the hair trends of this year
were ravishing for the red carpet!

Hair at the 2012 Academy Awards

February 29th, 2012

The 84th Annual Academy Awards was a night that set a beautiful tone for 2012 hair inspirations. This year’s red carpet breathtaking hair trends translate to today’s brides, prom queens and even special events for the entire year!

The hairstyles ranged from classic and sleek Chignons, updo’s and ponytails, to modern and polished deep parted bobs with bangs, and off the shoulder side swept waves and curls which looked so glamorous.

Penelope Cruz dazzled with her old Hollywood glam, side parted and finger wave bob.

Rooney Mara wore a sensationally sleek Chignon with a heavy blunt bang that was elegant and timeless.

Gwenyth Paltrow looked regal in her simple yet stunning deep side parted low ponytail which was perfection!

Busy Phillips opted for loose and lovely super straight locks which swept to the side to add a sophisticated touch.

Overall the night was filled with unbelievable soft romantic looks and sleek and glamorous hairstyles and colours. From Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain’s breathtaking fiery, shiny red locks; to Cameron Diaz and Michelle Williams’ beautiful, bold, blonde colour…it was definitely a reason to celebrate and a night to remember!

Devon Brucculeri

Senior Stylist

Pure NV Salon and Spa

Oscar Hairstyles Of 2011

February 28th, 2011

The Oscars Red Carpet Night was filled with diverse hairstyles and colours.

They ranged from loose long wavy curls, to soft messy swept to the side up dos, full of body and volume.

Anne Hathaway looked beautiful with her many styles from hair parted down the middle to a loose curl pinned up do. She also let down her hair to reveal an off to the side, filled with a soft curl style.

Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams displayed simply glamorous hair down parted to one side and wavy, that was both natural and detailed.

Hair colours that were mostly showcased were the popular blonde highlights with a selected number of solid brown to blonde, which exhibit shiny, rich and full of body hair.

The styles worn by male actors were gelled controlled hair, demonstrating a clean and polished look.

Achieving these Oscar Award type hairstyles is not impossible for the everyday person. You also can experience your own red carpet look!

By: Veronica Sousa

Senior Stylist

Pure NV Salon and Spa

Golden Globe Awards Hairstyles 2011

January 17th, 2011

Do you have a formal occasion and are not sure what to do with your hair? Then what better resource then The 68th Golden Globe Awards. From long and tousled to up and sleek, these icons of glamour posed their way down the red carpet, providing inspiration for your next hairstyle. As a stylist, I can say my expectations were certainly exceeded this year.

Where to start? To my surprise, the classic French Twist seemed to make a big comeback this year. Natalie Portman and Eva Longeria sported this sleek classic style with subtle height at the crown and a smooth side bang. This look is great for accentuating a long elegant neck and small features. Carrie Underwood wore a similar style but added some bling along the twist at the back and soft tendrils were left along her face. All in all, this look is simple and classic.
A familiar style again this year was wearing the hair long and down. Olivia Wilde and Sandra Bullock rocked this look with a full fringe and soft textured sides. This mode frames and elongates the face while emphasizing the cheek bones. Christina Aguilera wore a similar look but opted for a middle part and softened rounded edges on the length. The softer edge adds a little more glamour, and is reminiscent of the 1950’s Pinup girl. January Jones opted for a similar fashion but sported a shorter length with a side part. Catherine Zeta-Jones wore her dark hair down with a center part and a soft wave, but what made this look fun was that she pinned her sides back under her nape, which gave the appearance of a formal upstyle while still wearing the hair down. If you love this look, keep in mind, you need to have thicker hair to achieve this. As an example, Nicole Kidman tried to wear this style on the red carpet but her fine locks ended up looking straggly and unkempt.

Amy Adams and Tina Fey wore their hair up and pinned low in the back. Tina’s had textured curl, giving volume and movement to the upstyle making her hair look very formal but fun. Amy carried a more relaxed version with the hair pulled smooth and loose along the face with soft strands falling along her sides giving the look a romantic feel. This made for a very sexy look showing off the neck and shoulders.

Now who says short hair isn’t feminine and sexy? For those of you who are toying with the idea of cutting off your hair but aren’t sure if the look will work for formal evenings, just look at Halle Berry, Helen Mirren, and Michelle Williams for inspiration. These women were stunning, sexy and elegant with their cropped locks. Halle wore hers with wispy spiked texture which is feminine and edgy. Michelle’s hair was cropped short and smooth with a short wispy fringe looking very sleek and glamorous. Helen Mirren’s look was full of texture and movement. Soft sides and longer length at the nape made her look absolutely stunning and elegant.

Let’s talk big and full hair. Not much was seen this year to my dismay, for I love big hair! Alas, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Love-Hewitt pulled through for me! Scarlett wore the front towards the side while Jennifer sported hers straight back with the back up and big! Warning: if back combing makes you faint of heart then this look isn’t for you. The texture was amazing! Speaking of texture…and big…you have to love Helena Bonham Carter. Everyone loves to put her on the list of “What not to do” but I thought her hair was fun. Wild textured curl with long curly tendrils falling along the bottom is a look that only those with character can pull off.

Every year, there’s always someone who leaves you scratching your head. This year, it was Angelina Jolie. With all her resources there had to be other options. She decides to wear her hair down, with teased limp sides and a bang from the ’80’s. Looking at her I just kept thinking “Why?!?!”  This was not the most flattering look for Angelina and left me disappointed by the usually glamorous star.

So, whether your hair is short or long, thick or fine, you’ll have no trouble finding a look that works for you. Pictures of the stars on the red carpet are great tools to bring to your stylist. If you’re not sure which look best suits you, then print out a couple of different styles that you like and you’re stylist will help you decide. After watching The Golden Globes, I can’t wait to give my clients some of these looks for their upcoming events.

Nancy Schurr

Senior Hairstylist

Pure NV Salon and Spa

Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall Ooo La La 2010

July 13th, 2010

When you hear the names Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dior and Giorgio Armani you automatically think of the creme de la creme of the fashion world. These were a few of the designers gracing the stage of Paris’ Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall 2010. Did these Kings and Queens of the fashion world fulfill our expectations? In my opinion… they exceeded them.
The designers presented from wearable clothes, such as Chanel, Valentino and Ellie Saab, to the avant-garde with designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Franck Sorbier. The lines were sleek and short to long and flowing, and believe it or not…most of them wearable!!! The designers definitely embodied the sexiness and softness of the female physique. The designer that stood out for me though was Maison Rabih Kayrowz. The gowns seemed to inspire romance. The lengths were long and the shapes were form fitting, A-line and flowing. The inspiration almost seemed drawn from the middle ages but given a modern, sexy twist.
The hair… oh the hair! I will go on a limb and say Chanel will likely be voted most wearable. The hair was mostly left down, with soft tousled layers, very wearable!! The cuts are soft and shape the face…very flattering. Ladies…print these pics and get these shapes put into that long hair!!
Jean-Paul Gaultier’s models displayed slightly more texture. From big, tight curls to combed out finger waves, the hair was as brilliant as was his fashion.

Not everyone can aspire to these looks, but with a slight modification I am certain that many can. Though the look was soft and down, all of the designers had a few upstyles that were simple, yet very elegant. Soft long ponytails were at the forefront, very Greek goddess! This is a fantastic look for someone who wants to show off their shoulders and neck. The sleek high knot was also a major player in the upstyles of this show. This is a more severe look but is amazing at showing off features. This type of style will definitely need to be accompanied with more dramatic make-up, darker liner and redder lips.  As you see, hair and fashion go hand in hand. The hair should always flatter the outfit, but also suit the personality of the person wearing it. You should always choose a style that makes you feel comfortable. A sleek knot looks fabulous but if you feel it is too severe, then it’s not for you, no matter how trendy.

Nancy Schurr

Senior Stylist

Pure NV Salon and Spa

Hair at the CFDA Awards Ceremony 2010

June 14th, 2010

The Council of Fashion Designers of America held their annual fashion awards ceremony in New York City this past week. Designers from around the world come out to pay homage to their peers and celebrate the work of the up and coming young designers, and this year they didn’t disappoint. The designs were thrilling!  The runway was shrouded with bright colours and bold designs but my interest lies in the hair!
The models sported the usual avante garde styles that go hand in hand with the runway. Big, textured up styles that look great on the models but in reality, can only be worn by a brave few. These styles are fun to wear but tend to draw attention, so if you want to be the focal point of the event…big and textured is the look.
Then there were the hairstyles that we all love to see, sleek lines, soft texture, low ponytails, in other words, the look this season is soft! Many of the models wore their hair smoothed back off their face with low sleek buns or low sleek ponytails. This is an amazing look for anyone who doesn’t want their hair to be the main focal point but still want to look stylish.  Many of the celebrities that attended the event, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel, wore the hair down and soft. A nice natural wave or curl is added to the hair and is left down or gathered up loosely on the sides. This look screams sexy and confident. Gwenyth Paltrow was wearing a beautiful sleek, low ponytail…it is simple, sexy and compliments her style.
All in all, this season’s hair is definitely simple and soft. The big, high curly up styles are the thing of the past and soft, sexy natural looks are dominating the runways and red carpet. Hair is an accessory and should compliment the outfit just as a hand bag or necklace. No longer is the hair and make-up the main focal point. Now don’t mistake this as hair taking a backseat, in fact it’s the opposite, sometimes the most simple of styles get the most attention!!

Nancy Schurr

Senior Stylist

Pure NV Salon and Spa

Summer Hair Colour

June 4th, 2010

Summer is right around the corner and at Pure NV we’ve been seeing some definite signs. Mostly are the rich chocolate browns, cool chestnuts or radiant reds transforming into pale honey blondes with lighter blonde accents or lighter browns with a slight tone on tone for a natural sun kissed look. Both are beautiful ways to welcome in the summer sun.

If you don’t wish to give up your full colour, you can always ask for INOA- an innovative no ammonia colour line released in February that gives you an incredible shine. It helps to restore the very fibre of your hair making it as smooth as it was before you began colouring. This new colour line allows people who have never been able to experience a colour, due to allergies or sensitivity, to now have the opportunity to have their hair coloured. The ammonia has been replaced. The company has created a system rich in oil, used for the first time in haircolour. This duplicates the natural essential oils of the hair.

So whether you choose caramels, browns, reds or blondes, come in and let one of our colour techs give you a transformation you will love.

Deanne Long
Colour Department Director
Pure NV Salon and Spa

Summer Hair Care

May 26th, 2010

So with the summer weather here and in full force, many of our guests have been asking about how to take care of their hair when enjoying the summer weather. It’s really easy! There are a few of things you can do…

1) Obviously wearing a hat will protect hair from the sun as well as preserve your color.

2) The Aveda Hair and Body Cleanser is a great shampoo for guests that use pools with chlorine. It helps cleanse the chlorine build up that people tend to accumulate on the hair.

3) For all you beautiful blondes out there, Aveda came out with a spray that you can use while you are sitting at the beach soaking up the rays. Suncare sun veil is a product you can use all day long, while sitting on the beach or just outside enjoying the weather. It helps protects from sun damage (has a UVA and UVB filters) and helps protect against free radicals.

4) Let your hair go!!!!! Give your blow dries and flat irons a break this summer. Let your natural wave come through. Here are a couple of easy things you can do to get a great wave in your hair.

A.)For women with medium to long hair, after being in the pool, wrap your hair in a bun and let it dry. Once your hair has dried, you will be left with a soft, beachy wave.

B.) For women with shorter hair, just let your hair air dry. Once it has dried, flip your head upside down, put hair wax or paste and style as desired. This will give you a great messy, just got out of bed look that looks great whether you are at the beach or going for drinks with the girls.

Gina Sanelli

Senior Stylist

Pure NV Salon and Spa