Pure NV Salon & Spa Hamilton NVIP Registration

Pure NV Hair Spa & Salon Hamilton

Pure NV Hair Salon and Spa, Aveda Products and Gift Certificates
602 Upper James Street
Hamilton, ON. L9C 2Y8

905 388 0100
Tuesday, Wednesday 9:30-5:00
Thursday, Friday 9:30-8:30
Saturday 8:30-4:30

Our mission is to provide our guest with services that enhance inner and outer beauty. In a most caring and professional manner, while being compassionate to our world, from the products we use to the manner in which conduct our business.

As a guest a Pure NV Salon and Spa, you participate in the greening and sustainability of our environment, to make this a better world for ourselves and for generations to come.

  • Nominated for The Environmental Award through Greencircle salons
  • In implementing comprehensive recycling practices such as collecting paper, plastic, cans, glass, aluminum foils, colour tubes and hair and through composting, we have reduced our garbage output by approximately 85-90%.
  • Changing our lighting to energy efficient 15 watt bulbs has reduced our wattages by approximately 13,500 watts.
  • We use 100% post consumer paper with vegetable or soy inks.
  • We use bio-degradable/vegetable inks in our printers.
  • We use email to correspond where possible
  • Our water is filtered through from our pipes, thereby avoiding carbon foot printing caused by water delivery.
  • We use mugs and glasses as opposed to disposable cups.
  • We use only environmentally-friendly; biodegradable cleaning agents.
  • We offer organic, fair trade coffee as a beverage.
  • We choose hair products that are made from essences of pure flower and plant.
  • Our nail polishes do not contain toluene nor chemicals that have a dizzying effect.
  • Cut hair has been donated for use as oil absorption booms, in the Gulf Oil spill.
  • Aveda our products, minimize packaging and use post consumer materials where possible.
  • Left over colour is disposed in proper fashion with no environmental impact.

Coming in 2011 ...
  • Electricity will be powered by Bullfrog, 100% green electricity, low impact and renewable.
  • Water efficient toilets